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An overview of what is offered

Website Design

The core and primary service is the research, design and development of websites. takes pride in keeping up to date with the very latest technology, design trends and regulations meaning that you end up with an online entity that you can be proud of and that works on every level.

The service will always include;

  • Personal Project Management from start to finish.
  • An agreed work schedule.
  • An in depth discovery stage where your knowledge is sought to create a working specification.
  • A selection of design concepts to chose from and develop.
  • An agreed final design, bespoke to your business
  • Search Engine Optimisation throughout the development.

You will receive a final site that is developed to be technically excellent, accessible to the highest industry standards and that also looks great and works seamlessly, this is what you should be aspiring to.


Prices depend on what you need but can be as low as £500 for a small, uncomplicated site. It is always more realistic and beneficial to ask for a quote than take a price from a website such as this as your site will be a one-off, tailored to your requirements which could not be a set price. You can expect competitive and structured pricing complemented by excellent service.

Hosting can provide hosting to suit your needs. Our hosting is best suited to clients who also have design work undertaken as the reduced administration work means that in this situation pricing can be kept highly competitive. If you are not having any design work done but would like your hosting provided by on recommendation or because we are local then feel free to get in touch.


Hosting pricing for design clients starts at £70 and can vary depending on the demands of your site. An additional £25 is required for those who are not design clients. is not VAT registered yet.

Domain Registration

With every website there is at least one domain and if you need a new domain registering or would like your existing domain to be managed by us then the price is a yearly fee of £30 for level domains and £35 for top level domains such as .com. Again, VAT is not applicable as is not VAT registered.

Internet Marketing

Advertising your company and/or brand is a very complex business online. If you have an advertising budget for internet marketing beyond simply having a website, which you should, then can handle both the advertising design and media placement.


If you are using the development of a website as a launch or re-branding exercise then why not have the new branding done in unison with the design of the site. Branding is about more than just a good logo, it's taking your core attributes and qualities as a business and conveying these to your customer through every aspect of design including your site, logo and marketing material.


All of what offer sits within a broader design spectrum that should all be coordinated. If you have created branding and print design already, then we are happy to work with existing material as well as creating it. If anything is beyond our capabilities then we are also happy working with third parties and have a number of existing associates upon whom we can call if need be.

If you have any questions at all, including requesting a quote then please do get in touch.


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